About us

Chengdu Xinyu Jiaxin Trading Co., Ltd.This is a complex company from Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, which mainly deals in wholesale sales of medical devices, bulk commodities, daily necessities, e-commerce investment, etc. it is a trading company with credit first and creating real value for customers. Instead of sticking to tradition, have the courage to innovate business models to adapt to changing markets. The founder of the company adheres to the past business experience in the field of Finance and real estate investment, adheres to the concept of value investment and trend investment, is people-oriented, scientific management, and expects to create business opportunities with friends from all walks of life!
This website mainly sells products and information services for medical workers and related medical device suppliers,And sincerely hope to provide medical workers and patients with cost-effective medical equipment products! If you have any demand for medical device products, please contact our business phone and email, we will be very honored.
Tel: (0086) 18380232569
Email: fy@xyjxmy.net xyjxmy@sina.cn