Covid19 vaccine may be launched in September 2020

According to the official microblog of China International Television, on April 23, academician Gao Fu, director of China CDC, told China International Television: “maybe by September, we can have a vaccine that can be used in an emergency. If the covid19 outbreak is large again, the vaccine still in the second or third phase of clinical trials can be used for special groups, such as medical people Member. In my opinion, maybe early next year, we can develop vaccines for healthy people. It all depends on our R & D process. At present, in China, we have two candidate vaccines in clinical trials, one is adenovirus vector vaccine, the other is inactivated vaccine. They are conducting phase II or phase II clinical trials. “

At present, the situation of covid19 in China has been basically controlled, but China is facing the risk of covid19 virus import from abroad. Therefore, China is speeding up the research and development of covid19 vaccine. It is likely that China’s covid19 vaccine will develop covid19 vaccine ahead of other countries。

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