Traditional Chinese medicine, the secret weapon against covid19

This is a traditional Chinese medicine prescription from China for the prevention of covid-19 virus infection. It has been issued by the National Health Committee of China and practiced in

many china hospitals for the prevention and treatment of covid-19 virus. It has been proved that it has certain effect on enhancing immunity. Now we share prescription. If you are

interested in the preventive medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, you can purchase it at the local traditional Chinese medicine store by yourself:
Prescription 1:
Cangzhu 3G, honeysuckle 5g, orange peel 3G, reed root 2G, mulberry leaf 2G, raw Astragalus 10g (open blister, replace tea drink,
7-10 days)
Prescription 2:
Raw Astragalus 10g, stir fried Atractylodes 10g, Fangfeng 10g, Guanzhong 6G, honeysuckle 10g, Peilan 10g, tangerine peel 6G (decoct
Service, once a day, twice, 7-10 days).

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